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Our Mission

At Rethink Drink, we are committed to revolutionising the journey to recovery from alcohol addiction.

By integrating The Sinclair Method with personalised coaching, we empower individuals to redefine their relationship with alcohol.

Our mission is to provide a compassionate, science-backed, and tailored path to recovery, focusing on gradual change, personal empowerment, and holistic wellbeing for our clients and their support networks.

The Team


Bruce Rose

Bruce brings to Rethink Drink a profound dedication to transforming lives through innovative approaches to alcohol recovery.

With over a decade of experience in addiction recovery management, Bruce has witnessed the challenges and triumphs of those striving to overcome dependency.

Bruce's approach is characterised by a belief in empowerment through education and support. Having seen the limitations of traditional abstinence-based methods, he advocates for TSM as a means to address alcohol use disorder by targeting its neurological roots, rather than merely its symptoms.

As a thought leader in the field, Bruce is dedicated to the continual development of Rethink Drink's recovery model, ensuring it remains at the forefront of modern, effective recovery strategies. His leadership is driven by the core values of clarity, compassion, and unwavering support for each individual's journey towards a healthier future.


Matt Brindley

Matt (co-founder), stands as a pioneering advocate for The Sinclair Method (TSM) and a living testament to its life-changing potential. His journey through alcohol dependency and his dedication to reshaping the recovery narrative have made him a significant voice in this field.

Matt's battle with alcohol dependency was a prolonged and painful struggle, marked by a relentless cycle of dependency and regret. Despite countless efforts and traditional recovery attempts, he was unable to maintain his sobriety and freedom from alcohol felt impossible.

His breakthrough arrived at his lowest point, when he sought a solution targeting the core of his addiction rather than merely addressing its symptoms.

Discovering The Sinclair Method was a turning point in Matt's life; TSM's innovative and compassionate approach made sense, offering a scientific solution that was both transformative and life changing. This method wasn't about battling his own instincts but about redefining his relationship with alcohol.

Fueled by his personal recovery and a desire to help others, Matt co-founded Rethink Drink. As a Certified TSM Coach and Transformational Life Coach, he brings extensive knowledge, firsthand experience, and professional expertise to his role. His mission is to build a robust support system that enables individuals to regain control of their lives & provide direct & easy access to The Sinclair Method.

Having faced the struggles of alcohol dependency himself, he uses his story to motivate and mentor others. He champions personalised coaching, active listening, and creating those crucial moments that drive lasting change.

Matt is a dedicated coach who is both an expert in the field and a compassionate partner in your recovery journey. His commitment is to help you reclaim control, offering the necessary tools and support to transform your life.


Steve Roe

Steve sits on the team as a success story of The Sinclair Method himself and passionately considers the programme as the ‘missing piece in a jigsaw’ when it comes to permanently changing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Across a ten-year period, Steve found his own alcohol habits spiralling out of control and it was only a matter of time before alcohol became his crutch, his best friend, his enemy but worst of all – his priority.

After reaching an inevitable low, a stint in rehab led Steve into a 12-step program. Although he could see how well it worked for some, it was less than six months before he realised the programme was becoming more detrimental than beneficial to his recovery and he couldn’t understand how the ‘only’ solution to a complex condition could be so black-and-white.

Thanks to a consultation with a forward-thinking Psychiatrist, Steve was introduced to the life-changing solution he thought he would never find... That solution was TSM and the rest is history.

Steve is a Certified TSM Coach, Qualified Transformational Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist and able to offer the use of Hypnosis to help the process of Habit and Behavioural change within The Sinclair Method.

With Steve, you’re guaranteed a focused, compassionate, active listener. He’s a Coach that thrives on finding the light bulb moments that are key to getting you to the place where you want to be with alcohol - and providing the tools that will help you take back control of alcohol, for good.

"Life saver/Game changing treatment"

"Great service, Very professional and confidential approach, This really has been a game changer for me. I would recommend to anyone who's worried about their relationship with alcohol"


"Life Changing"

"It has been a challenge to accept that I am not a weak or bad person because I could not control my drinking but TSM is scientifically proven with properly run trials to support it, so, I trusted the science. It certainly works."


"I genuinely feel that TSM has saved my life"

"Matt helped me regain control over myself and my future, which is beyond anything I could have imagined just a year ago, and while the prescription is an integral part of the process, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without Rethink Drink."


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